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A long battle raged across Unova destroying anything that happened to be in its path. Two sides were in this battle: On one side there were Reshiram and Zekrom and on the other side was their long time enemy Kyurem.  Though the Battle was long and destructive in the end Kyurem retreated and hasn't been heard from since, however Zekrom had been severely weakened during the battle that even being a Legendary couldn't save him. Reshiram was distraught over this and did everything he could to save his brother, but to no avail. In a last ditch effort to keep himself alive and preserve the balance in the world he placed the last of his energy within a stone that only his true successor could open and release. Reshiram didn't like this but seeing as how he would do anything to see his brother alive and well again went along with it. Reshiram then decided he would stay in the Dragonspiral Tower until the day when his brother could
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Pokemon TRL Chapter 5
Pokemon: The Rise of Legends
Chapter 5: A New Friend and Problem
"Man this feels great." Luke said as he flew through the sky.
"I'm glad you're enjoying but we need to talk about something." Lugia said.
"Oh, and what's that?" Luke questioned.
"I need to explain somethings now that we can talk in private." Lugia answered.
"Okay well go ahead." Luke said as he flew on.
"First off I'm pretty sure you noticed that your powers are increasing rather quickly." Lugia pointed out.
"I've noticed why is that?" Luke asked.
"Well it has to do with something that I did when placing my spirit within the Relic." Lugia answered "unlike the other legendaries I sealed more than just my powers and abilities. I included my Knowledge, Experience, and Mentality as well." Lugia explained.
"So exactly what does that mean?" Luke inquired.
"Well the first two aren't nearly as important as the last one in the sense that the last one can be v
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Pokemon TRL Chapter 4
Pokemon: The Rise of Legends
Chapter 4: The Eon Duo
"Pick it up Braviary!" Pierce shouted from the back of the Eagle Pokémon.
"What's the hurry master?" Lucario asked as he sat behind him.
"Half of the Relic has been activated." Pierce answered.
"Half, what does that mean?"
"It means that this next relic is the one that holds the spirits of the eon duo." Pierce answered.
"There's only one reason one of them is activated and the other is not." He continued placing the Relic back in his pocket.
"One of them has been threatened?" Lucario asked in curiosity.
"Exactly." Pierce said putting his full attention back to the flight as his Pokémon doubled its speed and the lights of the city came into view.
"What the hell is going on?" One of the guards demanded.
"I don't know." The other one asked panic stricken. The light faded and a large blue and gray draconic creature hovered there unmoving.
"What?!" Lena said in shock.
"What just happened?" one of the guards asked unable to move a
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Pokemon TRL Chapter 3
Pokémon: The Rise of Legends
Chapter 3: The Legend of the Sea
The light started to fade allowing Dewott to un-shield his eyes; the sight he saw once the light had faded both amazed and horrified him. "Wha…" He said speechless as a large silver skinned bird like creature lay unconscious where his best friend once was.
"Luke?" He said slowly approaching and observing the creature.
"Wow." He said in amazement as he slowly walked around the unknown creature studying its various physical characteristics; it had a long silver tail with two blue colored spike like protrusions from the end. On the creature's back were ten navy blue colored plates pressed against its skin, It had two long arms with flat hand shaped wings protruding from its upper torso. The Creature also had a long neck leading to beak like head pointed backwards, there was two navy blue plates covering what looked like the creature's eye sockets which were still closed.
"This is truly amazing." Dewott said as he stoo
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Pokemon TRL Chapter 2
Pokemon: The Rise of Legends Chapter 2: Motivation
"Are you wholly committed to your desire?" The voice asked as Luke found himself in that strange abyss.
"Yes, ever since my father was taken away from me those four years ago." Luke answered with a sad tone in his voice.
"Very good." The voice said.
"So how can you help me?" Luke asked.
"I can't do much now but I will give you a small gift." The voice said.
"Well when can you do more?" Luke wondered.
"If you are truly committed to your desire as you say you are then take the Relic to the beach at 7:00pm tonight and I will give you further instructions." the voice said before it and the dream faded away.
Bzzt! Bzzt!
"Huh? Is it morning already." Luke wondered looking at his alarm clock that read 6:00am.
"What a strange dream." He thought to himself "too bad it was only a dream." He concluded as he stood up grabbed a pair of clothes and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower.
"That's strange." He thought to himself as he stood half
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Pokemon TRL Chapter 1
Pokemon: The Rise of Legends Chapter 1: The First Relic
A young trainer by the name of Luke and his Pokémon; a small light blue colored bipedal otter with two shells attached to a small darker blue adornment around its waist walked along the Beach admiring the sunset.
"The sunset looks just as amazing as ever." Luke said rubbing his Pokemon's Head.
"Dew" His Pokémon said in response.
"Well shall we begin?" Luke asked pulling a small practice folding sword out of a sheath that he kept in his side pocket.
"Dewott" His Pokémon agreed pulling its two shell swords off its waist and readying for battle.
"Let's Go." Luke said also assuming a battle ready stance as he awaited the first strike.
"Good Job there buddy." Luke said slightly panting after about 30 minutes of sparring with his Pokémon.
"Dewott." His Pokémon responded slightly tired as well.
"Well that's good for today." He said folding the sword back up and placing it in its sheath. His Pokémon did the s
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PKMN: TRL Character Bios New
Pokemon: The Rise of Legends Character Bios
Character Bios (Not Necessarily in appearance order)
Luke: A 17 year old trainer living in Undella Town with his aunt after his mother died in child birth and his father was taken away by the police for knowing too much but was fortunately able to pass the knowledge onto his son. He has one Pokémon in his possession which is his Dewott who he found as a Oshawott wandering around the beaches of Undella town 2 years ago. He has spiky silver colored hair and crimson red colored eyes.
Pierce: A 19 year old Aura Guardian who roams around the Unova region. He is also part of the President's inner circle After succeeding his father who was the previous Aura Guardian. However his loyalty to the president is much lower than that of his father but he feigns complete loyalty so that he can enjoy the privileges of having a fully evolved Pokémon (A Lucario) which the majority of the people aren't allowed to have. He has medium length black hair
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PKMN: TRL Prologue New
Pokemon The Rise of Legends Prolouge
Today marks the 47th Anniversary of the day when a young Ambitious, Egotistical, and Selfish trainer used the combined powers of Reshiram & Zekrom to take complete control of the Unova Region. As the 50th anniversary of the event begins to approach the man formulates a new plan that involves using the combined powers of the two dragons once again this time on a much larger scale. As a result of this upcoming event the man begins to crack down on the people of the region so that no one can interfere with his plan. He passes stricter laws including: Limits on the Pokémon that trainers can have, curfews for underage trainers, and much more but the people are afraid to rebel since anyone that does that disappears without a trace.
In response to this the A coalition of Legendary Pokémon from other regions under the guidance of Lugia (Articuno, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Latios, Latias, and Dialga) decide to stop this man from doing just that. H
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Ghetsis's Revenge Chapter 8
(Please Read Description before reading this chapter)
"What's going on?" Reshiram asked walking into the room Alex was staying in.
"See for yourself." Zekrom said grimly as he gestured towards Alex who was tossing and turning in the bed as if he was having a nightmare.
"I believe he's having that dream gain." He continued.
"You sure it's that dream and not a completely unrelated nightmare. Everyone has nightmares." Reshiram suggested.
"It's possible but I'm still concerned." Zekrom returned.
"Well keep an eye on him all the same." Reshiram said as he turned to leave the room "just don't do anything rash until we know more." He said as he left the room.
Zekrom then turned back to Alex who seemed to have calmed down significantly "maybe it is unrelated." He commented "nevertheless I will not let anything happen to you." He said sitting back down. "Anything." He repeated as he decided to get a little rest even though it was unneeded.
"So how did you sleep?" Zekrom asked as Alex got
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AW Commanders and Army info
Commanding Officers (COs) & Armies of Advance Wars
Orange Star:
Territory in: Cosmo, Macro, and Omega Land
COs: Andy, Max, Sami, Jake, Rachel, and Nell
Blue Moon:
Territory in: Cosmo, Macro, and Omega Land
COs: Olaf, Grit, Colin, Sasha
Green Earth:
Territory in: Cosmo, Macro, and Omega Land
COs: Eagle, Drake, Jess, Javier
Yellow Comet:
Territory in: Cosmo, Macro, and Omega Land
COs: Kanbei, Sonja, Sensei, Grimm
Black Hole:
Territory in: Cosmo and Macro Land
COs: Hawke, Lash, Adder, Flak
Silver Nebula (Possible Name Change Pending)
COs: Kindle, Koal, Jugger, Possibly 2 New ones.
-  Orange Star CO who is quite the impulsive Commander and is always ready for a battle. He is friendly towards almost everyone including the Black hole COs. He is also a mechanic who can fix anything.
-  An Orange Star CO and a Direct Combat Specialist. Max is a fiercely loyal friend to Andy and Sami (Fellow Orange Star COs) and is considered the brawn of the three. He d
:iconnexgengama42:NexGenGama42 4 4
Ghetsis's Revenge Chapter 7
"I'd better hurry if I intend to see Alex off." Jake said as he ran down route 222 to the clearing Alex told him about "come on Lucario." He continued as his Pokémon ran beside him.
"Since I'm a sincere guy." Brandon started.
"Hmph whatever." N countered frustrated.
"I will give you two options." He said clasping his hands behind his back and pacing back and forth as the Plasma grunts slowly closed in.
"We don't care what the options are how about you just leave us alone." Alex demanded.
"Ah the audacity of youth." Brandon chuckled "but I'm afraid I can't do that." He continued.
"Now your first option is to come quietly and I promise that both your Pokémon and your friends will be allowed to return to the city and will not be bothered by us again." Brandon narrated and gestured towards Reshiram and Zekrom.
"And what's our second option?" N asked even though he didn't care and basically already knew.
"Your second option which I would like to avoid is that we take you by fo
:iconnexgengama42:NexGenGama42 6 5
Ghetsis's Revenge Chapter 6
"Right away sir." One of the four men said hanging up his Xtransceiver and turning to the others who were kneeling in an alley way.
"What did he say?" one of the others asked.
"We are no longer supposed to eliminate the targets just subdue and detain them." The lead man answered "which means we switch to non-lethal darts instead of bullets." He concluded.
"Bummer." The third man said "ah well we still get to enjoy the the thrill of the hunt." He said.
"Well let's take care of our target here in this city." The lead man said as he and the other three stood up from their kneeling positions in the alley.
"And who would that be?" the fourth man asked.
"The Gym Leader, Lenora." The lead man said as they vanished into the shadows of the night.
"I see you're up now." Bianca said to Cheren as he walked into the main room of the gym.
"Yeah I'm still pretty tired considering what happened yesterday." Cheren said still sleepy.
"That's understandable." Burgh said walking in and drinking a cup of c
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Ghetsis's Revenge Chapter 5
(Author's Note: Please read the description before reading the story)
"Time for our final Gym challenge in Sinnoh." N said as he approached Sunnyshore Gym.
"I wouldn't call it a challenge per say." Reshiram responded mentally "also what's the point of you taking on the gyms if you have no intention of entering the Sinnoh League?" he asked.
"Just because I take on the gyms doesn't mean I have to take part in the tournament does it?" N countered "and besides I don't need a tournament to know what kind of trainer I Am." He continued
"I guess you're right." Reshiram conceded.
"I feel I should let you know something." Reshiram said changing the subject.
"Yeah, and what's that?" N wondered.
"For the past day and a half I have been sensing Zekrom's presence." He responded.
"Well that's weird, why would you sense his presence when he's not here." N wondered.
"It's because he is here that I can sense him. We can locate each other
:iconnexgengama42:NexGenGama42 10 5
Mature content
Ghetsis's Revenge Chapter 4 :iconnexgengama42:NexGenGama42 7 6
Ghetsis's Revenge Chapter 3
(Author's Note: Starting with this chapter the story is going to take on a slightly darker and more mature tone.)
Chapter 3: The Dream
"Huh? Where am I?" Alex questioned as he awoke in a large dimly lit room.
"What the hell." He continued as he looked around the room as best he could given the low amount of light and noticed a large red carpet leading up to a throne in the center of the room. On each side of the carpet stood a line of five men looking in the direction of the throne. Seated on the throne was a young man that Alex could not ID due mainly to the fact that most of his face was shrouded by shadows because of the dimly lit room, in his right hand he held a scepter with a dark looking orb on the top that seemed to contain electricity.
"Whoa!" Alex exclaimed before quickly covering his mouth, he pulled his hands away pretty quickly realizing that nobody seemed to hear or notice him. The cause of his shout was a huge and ominous silhouette standing motionless behind the throne
:iconnexgengama42:NexGenGama42 8 7
Ghetsis's Revenge Chapter 2
Chapter 2: A New Problem
"I think we should rest here for tonight." Bianca says as they reach the entrance to the metropolis known as Castelia City.
"That sounds like a great idea." Alex responded to her.
"Let's go find a hotel and book a room." Cheren said.
"Not just any hotel, let's go to the Pokémon elite hotel." Alex said.
"Are you kidding that's one of the most expensive hotels in Unova." Cheren said.
"Hello, am I not the champion now?" Alex said to him
"I have plenty of money now and also some privileges." He added.
"I know that. But I thought you didn't like all the popularity you got as a champion?" Cheren asked.
"Yeah but you two are my best friends and you deserve a treat sometimes." Alex said.
"You're so awesome!" Bianca exclaimed while hugging Alex.
"I know, now can you let me go?" Alex asked.
"Oh sorry." Bianca said letting her friend go.
"Oh jeez." Cheren sighed.
"Let's go then." Alex said walking towards the hotel.
"Right behind you." Bianca states as she follows he
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